1. How to Backup Photos While Traveling With a Raspberry Pi - Part IV

    Thu 20 September 2018

    Travel Photography Scripting

    Photo Backup setup during last trip.
    Photo Backup setup during last trip.

    Background Information

    This is the fourth part - and perhaps the last one - of a series of posts on backing up photos while traveling using a Raspberry Pi (RPi) and iOS devices. Here are the links to previous posts.

    • Part I: Initial setup and basic ...
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  2. Bluetooth Controlled RGB LED Matrix

    Sun 29 July 2018

    Gadgets Scripting

    Bluetooth controlled RGB LED matrix.
    Bluetooth controlled RGB LED matrix.

    Project Overview

    If you like colorful and flashing LED lights, you are going to love this project. I’ve been looking for a small, rechargeable and powerful RGB LED matrix for a while. The idea is to use it for regular product photography, as an ...

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  3. Beyerdynamic DT770 Studio Review

    Sat 31 March 2018

    Reviews Audio

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