Nafplio from Palamidi Castle

This year my family an I took some time off in Greece, specifically in Nafplio. There aren’t good enough things I can say about the people, places and food in that town and Greece in general. It was a great time.

Before visiting Nafplio, I did some research and found out that one of the main local attractions was the Palamidi Castle. It’s an excellent medieval spot with a gorgeous view of the town. The only downside is that you are supposed to climb an awful number of stairs to get there. Locals say it’s 999 steps, some websites say it’s more than 1,000 steps. Well, after climbing it twice, I can tell you with complete confidence it’s actually 917 stairs (yes, I counted them) from the street level to the castle entrance. So be prepared to sweat and pack light..

.. or you can just go up with your car through a narrow street on the back of the castle, park near the top and walk to it (found out about it after the fact).