Overcast App is one of the best (if not the best) iOS podcast App currently available (you can read a comprehensive and long review here). Some time ago, I wrote about an action I put together for Workflow App to grab the show notes of the currently playing podcast episode and send it out to a predefined email address. However, that workflow had a couple of disadvantages:

  • If show notes pages used javascript, the resulting email may not be adequately formatted. In the worst cases, some information was omitted.
  • Towards the end of the workflow execution, the user would have to tap the Send button in order to have it send the email to a predefined address (this is a limitation imposed by the Workflow App).
  • Having show notes in your email inbox is far less convenient that adding them to a bookmarking system, like Pinboard.

The revised workflow is pretty straight forward: It grabs the link to the actual episode’s show notes page by parsing it from the Overcast episode page. It then sends it to your Pinboard unread bookmarks. Everything is executed after you tap on the workflow action extension from the Overcast menu.

Overcast Extension Menu

You can grab the workflow here. You will also need a Pinboard account if you don’t have one yet.