Golden Gate Bridge

I took this one in one of my trips to San Francisco last year. This view of the Golden Gate Bridge is probably the most popular one, it has been in commercials, music videos and even in recent movies like The Internship.

I really wanted to get a nice sunset shot, so I did what a regular person would do: I looked for the right spot on line, checked how it was oriented with respect to the west, found out the exact time when the sun would set in the Horizon that day (8:34pm to be exact), planned my navigation through the San Francisco crazy traffic to be at that precise spot 25 minutes in advance so that I could setup my Tripod and camera and documented everything in an Evernote note (so it was readily available in my iPhone). You know, what a regular non-geek, non-obsessive person would do.

After going through all that, I got to that hill as planned just to find the bridge completely covered in fog. I wasn’t even able to see the cars or the top of the structure. So I had to come back the next day (i.e. not at sunset) to get the shot you are seeing above. Eventually I got my sunset shot at a different spot, but I’ll post that one later.