I’ll start by saying that ToDoList is the best project management software for windows. Calling it a Todolist application is an understatement. I have tried literally dozens of Todolist and project management applications for windows, both web based and standalone, including offline/mobile combos, and none comes close to the versatility, advanced features and performance that this application offers.

However, there is a big downside: there is no mobile version. I contacted the developer and there are currently no plans for either a mobile application or for including syncing capabilities. He recommended an iOS app developed by a third party, but unfortunately it is not very useful at his point. Apparently there are plans to allow syncing with Toodledo, but I’m not sure if all the application features will be replicated.

Therefore, I decided to implement some limited mobile capabilities myself. My main objective is being able to access my overdue tasks, tasks currently due and tasks due in the near future (7 days). I put together a python script that does exactly that. It also includes both the Category and Priority assigned to each task. For tasks due within the next 7 days, it includes the Due Date at the end of the line. The output is formatted in Markdown, so it can be easily rendered by iOS Apps like Editorial or Nebulous Notes.

Here is the code in GitHub. This script runs in a Linux machine and the output file is placed in a folder in Dropbox, so that it can be accessed from my iPhone or iPad. A Cron job runs the script every 15 minutes.

Here is an example of the output as seen rendered by the Editorial App for iPad (sorry, I had to blur some proprietary work information).

Output in Editorial

Several posts can be written and have been written about Editorial, so I won’t reinvent the wheel. Here is one of my favorites reviews from Macstories. You can also view and download the application from the widget below.