1. Bellroy Elements Travel Review

    Sun 06 December 2015

    Reviews Travel

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  2. Best Travel Tripod

    Tue 10 November 2015

    Photography Travel

    Best Travel Tripod

    Background Story

    If I had to say which type of photography I feel more inclined to, I think it would have to be travel photography. There is something about traveling and visiting other places that inspire me to grab the camera and take some shots. Unfortunately, most of my travel ...

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  3. 917 Steps

    Wed 09 September 2015

    Photography Travel

    Nafplio from Palamidi Castle

    This year my family an I took some time off in Greece, specifically in Nafplio. There aren’t good enough things I can say about the people, places and food in that town and Greece in general. It was a great time.

    Before visiting Nafplio, I did some research and ...

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  4. Breakfast Views

    Sun 21 June 2015

    Photography Travel

    In the last week I have been on vacation with my family in Greece, more specifically in the Peloponnese region. Either driving or walking around this area is a constant photo opportunity. So much so, I’ve decided to always carry my camera with me (except when we are going ...

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