1. Sennheiser PXC 550 Review - Comfort and Exceptional Wireless Performance

    Sun 11 December 2016

    Reviews Audio Gadgets Travel

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  2. How to Backup Photos While Traveling With an iPad and a Raspberry Pi

    Sun 26 June 2016

    Photography Travel Gadgets Scripting

    Travel Photo Backup Gear
    Backup Photos While Traveling - Gear.


    I’ve been on a quest to finding the ideal travel photo backup solution for a long time. Relying on just tossing your SD cards in your camera bag after they are full during a trip is a risky move that leaves you too ...

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  3. Dining with a View in Penang

    Sun 19 June 2016

    Photography Travel

    Penang Restaurant

    Penang is a Malaysian island famous for their food in all South East Asia. Food in this part of the world is truly a reflect of the culture. A blend of west, east the indigenous ways of life. Although I gave the street food a try and was really pleased ...

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  4. Bellroy Elements Travel Review

    Sun 06 December 2015

    Reviews Travel

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  5. Best Travel Tripod

    Tue 10 November 2015

    Photography Travel

    Best Travel Tripod

    Background Story

    If I had to say which type of photography I feel more inclined to, I think it would have to be travel photography. There is something about traveling and visiting other places that inspire me to grab the camera and take some shots. Unfortunately, most of my travel ...

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