1. Building a DSLR Camera Wireless Controller

    Sat 10 February 2018

    Gadgets Scripting

    I’ve been experimenting with time-lapse shots for a while now. Unfortunately, time-lapse shooting options on most DSLR and mirrorless cameras are somewhat limited. At the time of this writing, Sony doesn’t even include the feature on their high end cameras by default (you need to buy an “App ...

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  2. Publishing from Bear Notes App to Pelican

    Sun 12 November 2017

    Productivity Scripting

    I’ve used Ulysses writing environment for months and I’ve come to really like the experience. It’s stable and nicely designed, iCloud implementation is great and it even allows adding external folders to work with (although integration with their database is not perfect).

    Ulysses may represent the perfect ...

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