1. Publishing from Bear Notes App to Pelican

    Sun 12 November 2017

    Productivity Scripting

    I’ve used Ulysses writing environment for months and I’ve come to really like the experience. It’s stable and nicely designed, iCloud implementation is great and it even allows adding external folders to work with (although integration with their database is not perfect).

    Ulysses may represent the perfect ...

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  2. Publishing from Ulysses to Pelican

    Sun 08 January 2017

    Reviews Productivity

    It’s been a while since moving from Squarespace to using Pelican as a static site generator for this website. Squarespace is beautifully designed, very resilient and for the most part dependable (they experienced several DDOS attacks in the past). But it’s not flexible when it comes to deeply ...

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  3. Tasks Graph With Pandas

    Fri 01 January 2016

    Scripting Productivity

    I have been using the Taskpaper format for both task and project management for a while now. Its deceiving simplicity is its greatest strength. You might think it’s just text lines with task descriptions and tags, but that’s exactly what makes it tremendously malleable. You can use it ...

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  4. Editorial Today Workflow for Taskpaper

    Sat 20 June 2015

    Scripting Productivity

    Editorial 1.2 is out and it brought a plethora of improvements to a text editor that was already - in my opinion - the best one for iOS. Out of the box, is beautifully designed and stable enough to be used as your primary text editor. If you dig deeper, you ...

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