Why Moving Electrons?

The essence of technology is electrons moving from one place to another. Torrents of these atomic particles flow through all gadgets we use, from personal computers and cell phones to cameras and watches.

This site aims at emulating this electron flow, and goes through technology reviews, photography, software and gadgets in general. Travel and photography are passions of mine, so you will stumble upon posts on those subjects.

I like to make stuff that does stuff, hence; several posts are focused on task automation, scripting and productivity. Product reviews are also a big part of Moving Electrons. These reviews will be concise and straight to the point, with an evolving rating system that has been put together with fairness and objectiveness in mind.

Technical Specs

This site is powered by Pelican, a static site generator written in Python. Code and posts are written in the wonderful Sublime Text 3 and Editorial for iOS apps. Files are shuffled around using Transmit.

Everything is kept in big fluffy white virtual clouds full of awesomeness by Amazon S3.


All photos tagged with Photography have been taken by me, unless otherwise noted. You can use them as long as you give attribution to this site and/or the author.

Affiliate Links

You will notice references to software and products throughout the site. Many of them have affiliate links, which means the vendor will give me a small commission for qualifying products. It’s a win-win situation as you are not charged more for the product and the small proceeds help me pay for this site. In fact, many of those items will have a sizable discount from vendors like Amazon (as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases).

Contact Information

You can reach out to me through any of the social networks and email showing at the bottom of this page.