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My 2nd Brain Case

Hardware Design

Think Tank is actually thinking out of the box (no pun intended) with this case. Calling it just a case is truly an understatement. First of all, it comes with a strap that allows you to carry your laptop over your shoulder vertically instead of horizontally. At first I thought it would be awkward, but it actually feels more natural.

The MacBook Pro fits tightly and although the bag is fairly slim, it provides adequate protection. The zippered laptop compartment is padded and lined with a soft material to prevent your computer from being scratched.

There are two separate large zippered pockets with padded spaces for your iPad/Tablet and iPhone. Additional dedicated pockets provide easy access to power adapters and other small accessories you may have.

My 2nd Brain Internal Pockets Think Tank included a plastic clip in the strap (see below). I wasn’t sure what its intended use was, but a quick trip to their product page was enough to find out:

Even the removable padded shoulder strap has a clip for full-size headphones…

I’d be more likely to use it to hang a pouch or a smaller bag, though.

My 2nd Brain Strap Clip

Hardware Quality

The bag is made of tough (but soft) water-resistant fabric. Clips/zippers are made of nickel-plated metal with brush aluminum finish. Interior sections are elegant and well put together, with sturdy seems and sturdy materials.

My 2nd Brain and 15-in MacBook Pro

General Performance

This bag provides excellent protection for your laptop. It can be used both in casual environments and business meetings without being out of place. The vertical orientation makes it “less intrusive” when walking without compromising usability. Additionally, it’s slim enough to toss it inside your carry-on roller when traveling without risking damaging your computer (you would have to remove all accessories and additional cables to keep its slim profile, though). Just keep in mind, this is not a rugged case, so “handle with care”.


This bag currently retails for less than $100 in Amazon. Although not a cheap price, I would say is adequate for such nice hardware.

My 2nd Brain Case

Additional Features

Customer service is a feature usually overlooked when reviewing products, but I think it’s fair to bring it up this time. Think Tank customer support has been outstanding every time I have contacted them. When writing this post, I quickly jumped into their site to check out a couple of products, and a small chat window popped up unobtrusively in the lower right corner of the browser offering help. I decided to click on it and immediately received a response from their customer service representative (an actual person!). I could have just ignored the window and continue browsing, but wanted to check it out. The representative (Francis*) was truly helpful and responded all the questions I had.

Think Tank Chat Window

Think Tank not only builds nice looking, functional quality products, but it also has the personalized customer support backing them up. That’s a combination we should see more often in photography accessory manufacturers.

What Others Are Saying

As part of the Quarks Rating System, I include ratings from other reputable websites such as Newegg and Amazon in order to provide a more objective rating scale (more information here). The My 2nd Brain has not been rated (yet) in Newegg, but it has a 5 star rating in Amazon at the time of this writing, which is really impressing.

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