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Hardware Design

When taking this case out of the box you can immediately tell Newtrent has gone “all in” to really protect your iPhone. It is a 2-piece case, the iPhone is actually sandwiched between the top part and the bottom part. It provides excellent rugged protection without adding considerable bulk.

The iPhone’s screen is covered by a transparent plastic film which is part of the upper case cover. The film is fairly thick, so it provides more than adequate protection against scratches without hindering the iPhone operation. When the screen is off, you may be able to see the sections of the glass that are not in complete contact with the plastic film. Not a big deal though, and hardly noticeable when the screen is on.

Newtrent Tentrium Case

All buttons are covered, including the silence/vibrate button located to the side of the iPhone and the Home button. This is one of the few cases that provide this level of protection, and best of all: all buttons are perfectly usable.

Newtrent Tentrium. Notice the protected buttons.

The Apple logo in the back is also protected with a transparent plastic film.

Newtrent Tentrium. Back

Hardware Quality

Hardware quality is very good. The case is made of a combination of rubber, and both soft and hard plastic. The transparent film does not hinder screen quality or operation at all. I would say that quality is on par - if not slightly above - with other competitors such as Otterbox cases.

General Performance

The case performs quite well. Newtrent states it is both dirt and shockproof. Although I didn’t perform any scientific tests, you can easily tell this case can take a punch or two.

Regarding button operation, I must say it is surprisingly pleasant to use the phone’s buttons through this case, you get complete tactile feedback, which is not an easy task to accomplish in this case category. Access to the iPhone ports is quite easy as well.

I do have a small pet peeve, though: getting the iPhone in and out of this case can be a bit daunting. I guess is an inherit cost of having a rugged case, so I’m not knocking any stars because of it.


The NewTrent Trentium sells for a little less than $30 in Amazon at the moment of this writing, which is truly a bargain for the quality and protection level this case provides.

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As part of the Quarks Rating System, I include ratings from other reputable websites such as Newegg and Amazon in order to provide a more objective rating scale (more information here). The Dux is not sold in Newegg, but it has a 4.5 star rating in Amazon at the moment this writing.

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